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What makes us the trusted equipment hire service?

Backed by over 17 years operating in the heavy haulage and mobile crane industry, we possess a level of expertise unsurpassed by many other service providers. We have extensive experience working on major projects and complex lifts with our highly maintained equipment and seasoned professionals.

Our Fleet Say Something else

55 Tonne

The 55 Tonne slew crane is the largest of our fleet. Like the 25 Tonner, our Tadano GT-550E is a road driven slewing crane incorporating a rotating boom or jib, but has a larger lifting capacity.

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40 Tonne

Our new two axle mobile crane LTM-1040-2.1 is an All Terrain Crane which is ideal on any job site using the all-wheel and crab steering equipment. All Terrain cranes combine the roadability of truck mounted cranes and the maneuverability of rough ....

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25 Tonne

The Tadano TL-250M has become synonymous with construction sites across the world. Our 25 Tonne slew crane is a road driven crane that is suitable for small to medium sized applications. Unlike the pick and carry crane...

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15 Tonne Franna

The Franna is a ‘Pick and Carry’ crane which is similar to a mobile crane in that it is designed to travel on public roads, however pick and carry cranes have no stabiliser legs or outriggers, and are designed to lift the load and carry it to its destination...

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Drop Deck Trailer / Float

Our tri-axle drop deck trailer is 13700mm long (45’) TBC including 1000mm beaver tail and 3000mm x 1000mm wide rear ramps with grip bars and air holes. The top section is 3950mm and bottom is 9750mm. Our float is ideal for the transportation of machinery, containers and general freight.

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3 Tonne Telehandler

Our JCB 531-70 Telehandler is now available for hire in Griffith and surrounding areas. It has Maximum Lift Capacity of 3 Tonne and Maximum Lift Height 7m with easy operation, a tight turn radius and great manoeuvrability. Contact our office for more information.

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